Appointment update

Saw doc today, I do NOT have cancer, obstructions, blockages (same diff if you ask me), or Crohn’s, or Colitis, and not IBS. I have to admit, I am disappointed in the results, yet happy that there is nothing seriously wrong. Just wish we had a reason for this. For now he says we will class this as IB for now (Irritable bowel). I thought maybe CG (Cranky gut) but he didn’t seem to think that was as catchy. pftt

All hope is not lost though. He did give me homework while we wait for more tests (for other stuff, in a minute), and the results. He seems to be leaning towards SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth), and/or an over production of stomach acid.

So I have done my homework, and yeah, that SIBO thing sounds very much like what I have. I don’t have every last symptom (like the vomiting), but enough that that is a probable cause. I had asked him about adhesions from my hysterectomy, but he doesn’t think that would be the problem, as I have been dealing with this most of my life in one form or another. BUT, he did say if we rule out everything else, then we will loop back to that. Problem is, the only way to diagnose adhesions is with laparoscopic surgery, which is surgery, any way you slice it. Not just a day thing.

Now as to what WAS found. Mild case of esophagitis, inflamed esophagus. Which we’ve suspected for a while and I have been on a PPI (Proton-Pump Inhibitor) for a few months now.

Since I brought in new issues (Red, itchy, swelling under eyes, pressure in chest, neck, and throat, as well as a feeling my vertigo was coming back – but with pain) we also talked about that.

The chest tightness and pain, could be part of this infection/bacteria thing that’s going on with my system, or (and these two are the most likely cause) it is from my coughing (asthma related), and the inflammation in my esophagus. He also feels I have blocked, or inflamed Eustachian tubes, which I have had in the past, that can be triggering the lymph node coming and going, and is more than likely from my allergies, and the coughing. And the cause of the Tinnitus. Lots of itises, too many.


So, for now, we will continue as is. Continued use of the PPI, pain reliever (he prefers Tylenol, but understands if I use my percocet, but won’t refill it. Fair enough), and once I have a CT scan of my chest, throat, and sinuses, we will see if I need a broad spectrum antibiotic. The antibiotic I may need any way if when I go in, we both agree that my bowel issues are this SIBO thing. Unfortunately it is a newer “recognized” problem (newer as in less than 10 years), so there is no exact test for it, as it is just an over growth of bacteria that is supposed to be there.

If I get treated for SIBO, a long course treatment of the antibiotics along with prescription strength probiotics (who knew that was a thing? Just assume OTC), and continued use of the PPI to weaken the acid to give my bowels/intestine/stomach a change to relax and heal.

So, while I did not get solid “THIS is your problem” answers today, we are still moving forward, and he is not treating me like a hypochondriac. He is willing to rule everything out, and doesn’t dismiss my ideas out right.

So, all in all? not too bad. Disappointed, sure, but not depressed.

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