It’s what now?

As I mentioned in my appointment update, no really issues were found, but he thought maybe SIBO. The more research I do, the more it really fits. Thing is though, I do not have the gas that is mentioned. So does that mean I am the exception that proves the rule? Or is it just that I don’t have SIBO?

I mean, I am willing to treat this, but that means antibiotics. Antibiotics is fine, but they can make things resistant, and if SIBO is NOT my problem, then I am taking the antibiotics for no reason. Such a dilemma. My other thought is Candida with adhesions.

SIBO has the pain levels I experience, but Candida is less gassy, less smelly overall. SIBO tends to make the stomach/insides very noisy, Candida is less noisy. Otherwise, they both share very similar symptoms.

Will have to ask doc about treating for Candida first, then SIBO if that doesn’t clear it up. I think that might be the safer route?

Either way? The research can’t seem to agree on exactly what diet to use, and the ones that do agree on diets, can’t seem to agree what that diet includes. It’s just a mess. So many “trendy” problems, so lots about it, but not enough “real” stuff for those that might ACTUALLY have these problems. Hard road to travel. Though the one big thing they all seem to agree on? Cutting down on the sugar. At least processed stuff. Which, honestly? Isn’t all sugar processed? Some say NO sugar, not even fructose, etc. Others, say just not refined, and others still say cut it down.

SO, for now, I have been cutting it back, and will try even further over time. TRYING to cut it down in my coffee too, but can’t seem to get below a spoonful. I have cut out the cream (90% of the time), so maybe that’s why it is harder to get it out completely?

The weird thing? For both SIBO and Candida, they say you CRAVE sweet stuff to the point of almost obsessive. But lately? I honestly don’t care if I have it or not. But, that could be because if I want it, I have it. I don’t deprive myself of it. I’d say on average I have dessert type things twice a week. Some times of course that is 2 days in a row, other times it is none one week, and only 1 day the next.

Now I just have to figure out the carb thing? SOME say NONE, others say ALL.

All this research shows me that while we do not have ideally balanced meals (and majority of the time I do not eat any where NEAR enough food), we do it healthy. Just happens to be mostly healthy protein, and less of the other good stuff. Which, again, depending on the diet, is the perfect thing for whatever it is I have. *shakes head* it is way to confusing.

I’ll figure it out eventually.

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