Okay, maybe .. what was I saying?

A follow-up to my post a few days ago. A big part of why I really dislike when people make suggestions about what my health problem is, is it makes me second guess my treatment plan, and start wondering if maybe I DO have that weird thing you said I do.

But, you know, it’s possible? Maybe I do have Lupus, or whatever that other one someone said I had.  autoimmune type stuff does seem to fit the bill more than anything. But it is so hard to tell. The symptoms for ALL the things are so damned similar. Hell, as I said, the thyroid basically controls EVERYTHING, so maybe it isn’t as controlled as I thought it was, and the TSH shows?

Doesn’t help that I have only been keeping track of my bowel/stomach issues. Also doesn’t help I have forgotten to track ANYTHING for about 4 days now. I’m bad for that. It’s the building/creating things that is the fun part. The fun/joy of using it wears off very quickly. Same with my purse(s). LOVE making them (even when I want to tear out my hair), but once it’s made, I only am proud/showing it off for about a month. After that? If it weren’t for the fact they are useful things, I’d probably tuck them back in some closet and be done with it.

Oops, off track there. The point is, I don’t keep track of every. Last. Problem I suffer from. I have never mentioned to the doctor my feet swell and my hands ache about 2 or 3 times a week (and looking back over the 3 months I DID track what I ate etc. It is NOT a food problem), I haven’t mentioned my neck or back problems (well, not in a long time). And so many other things – some we have talked about and treated separately, most never mentioned:

How bad my allergies are right now
Flaking skin
Bruises that No one remembers a cause for
Weird bumps on my feet, hands, and occasionally legs
Very intermittent (rare) rash I get
The fact I am losing more hair again (still have a lot, but nowhere near what I did even just 3 years ago)
Cracking skin that my prescription lotion isn’t helping
Dry eyes and dry mouth (could be meds?)
My breathing is only about 70% what it usually is and we’ve been treating it
The fact I get really weird sharp pin prick type pains in my legs (and sometimes arms and back) about 4 or 5 times a week
Dizziness and light-headed feeling that still isn’t going away (it is constant – with bouts of REALLY bad)
Weird (I don’t know what they are) seizures(???) I have about 4 times a week ONLY when I am taking my puffers or stand up (sometimes)
My insomnia is still really bad
So exhausted I can hardly keep my eyes open
Lack of memory recall
Wandering mind (VERY easily distracted – takes me a few times to complete on blog post because I will wander away mid typing, and forget what I was typing)
Itchy, all the time (could just be the dry skin)
Grey hair, as in over night (possibly age, I am old. But just weird how a hair will actually go grey over night)
Coughing fits so bad I see sparkles (more than likely part of the breathing thing, which is part of the asthma, which is from allergies – probably)
General sick/gross feeling
Complete inability to pay attention (majority of the time

And I know there is more, but I have already started and stopped this post 3 times, and my brain has had enough with the effort this is taking.
OH! yeah, energy. I have none. I get a burst of about an hour or two every few days, but if I do anything, most of my symptoms intensify for a few days.

huh … no clue.

I’m done.

… Yeah, brain used its … things, that you put shoes on … to go away.

Harder and harder to fight this. Between the insomnia, lack of sleep, and brain stuff issues things, and everything else? I just wanna crawl into a ball and just melt into the furniture.

I’ll fight as long as I can, but it’s so hard.

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