Lost in thought

I think I mentioned a few posts ago, I have quit keeping track of my health in my journal I made. Not sure why? The making was the best part of that whole process. I have gone a different route, for now. I have made a list of illnesses/disease that fit majority of my symptoms (of course the only two that work are both auto immune disease. Go figure), and why they fit my problems. I have also started a list of ever last symptom I have, even if I know it is just some random, common type.

I am doing this, because I need to get my doc to refer me to a specialist. The general consensus with my family is an internist. As mom said, even if he is not the right guy, he will know more than a GP, and will be able to refer me to the proper specialist. Whatever. I just need a solution to my issues. I don’t care how, but I only have 23 days to get this solved, then I HAVE to go back to work. I know they only want me back if I am 100%, but that’s just tough titties! I can’t afford to be off work once EI runs out, so they will just have to deal with sick me. And I will just have to plow through, hoping that I can manage to work through whatever this is.

I am 55% sure that I could work 4 days a week, 6 hour shifts. It would be very hard, but I am sure I could do it? That would also allow me to keep the minimum hours needed to stay on the benefits.

The only other plan that would work, is winning the lottery. But since I don’t live in Ontario (the largest concentration of Canada population – and where ALL the winnings seem to go), my chances are slim to none for that plan.

I’ll keep hounding the doctor(s), and I WILL get some sort of answer and get back to work by July 1st. Some how.


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