A specialist, a concern, and a theory

Since sleep and I are not on speaking terns at the moment, I figured I might as well update my blog. Okay, truly, it’s sleep who isn’t talking to me. I’ve tried. Really I have. It took me back for a bit, but them my sinuses closed up, I couldn’t breathe, and there was the whole thing with me almost drowning from lack of air … It was messy. Sleep kicked me out. 😦

I’ll try again when the allergy meds and the sinus spray to reduce the inflammation kicks in. Until then, I’ll tell you a story about my doctor’s appointment. Oh, don’t bother with a chair, it’s a short one today. Gasp all you want, it’s true. I am making a short post.

As the title says:

Specialist: It started out typically, him asking me what’s new, and how I am. I suspect he was trying to be funny with the new comment? Whatever, I laugh, it makes him happy. *shrugs* I’ve got it down to a since now. I handed him my list of gastroenterologist I researched. There was only one very highly rated female in Kelowna, the rest were in Vancouver. And of course the medical system prefers to pay within certain “districts” (since I can’t remember how he worded it), so Kelowna is the pick.

Concern: I finally remembered to mention the Deja vu thing. At first he laughed (not in a mean way.) but as I described it to him he became concerned. And when I said my Mom thought it meant seizure, (but I scoffed) he seemed very concerned, and added it to my list of symptoms. NOT positive, but I think he put a star by it?? (Also mentioned in passing my depression. Have a feeling he might medicate if I mention it again. So I better be sure I want that before next appointment. :/ )

Theory: He brought up the adhesions again. Stating that that was what he was leaning towards, but because it involved surgery (twice – once to confirm that is the problem, and one to actually do something about it), they need to rule everything out first. He was very sympathetic. Maybe empathetic? I’m never sure of which one someone is feeling.

My brain is hazy, so details are lost. I remember doc dragging the appointment out longer (usually it’s me. But I am becoming efficient). I just can not remember at all why? He even went back to the computer after I stood up. I don’t know.

At least we are getting some where. I think? Depending how long it takes to get into the specialist. UGH!

Now I just need to suck it up and call union to see if there is LTD or some sort of fund I can dip into when the EI runs out. YIKES

Hey, at least I feeling like fighting again … well, after some sleep.

Now, that wasn’t so bad eh? Now, if you will excuse me, I need to figure out why my insides are trying to cut their way out. Only missed one day in the bathroom. But drinking a thousand cups of coffee just in case. Kidding, one should do. IF that’s the problem. Not sure which pain is worse? While going? Or if I miss a day?

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