Random shit

Just putting this in my blog because it is too long for Twitter.

Anyway, so todays start rating (so far) would be a 4 (maybe 4.5?).

My pain levels are holding mostly steady at around 2. And so far today my bowels aren’t trying to kill me knock wood, which right there gives me an automatic 1.5 stars. Even mentally I am pretty good today. No real darkness hanging out, and the shadows are sticking to the corners!

Today started off with me being awake until almost 8 am. I am usually awake until 4 or 5, and since the insurance company I am with wasn’t open until 9 am their time, and they are 2 hours ahead. I had to wait until 7 am to call them.

It was worth it though. Found out we are still covered for everything. They did recommended going through the pre-approval process again for the new company I was dealing with for hubby’s CPAP machine (Canadian, instead of US, which meant no extra fees I would have to cover), but since the policy states we are allowed a CPAP up to $2000, I am just going for it. Only kind of risky. I asked what my chances of not being reimbursed were, and that was when she read me the policy, and added “We recommend it, but it is up to you”.

After that, I had a short sleep, and had a hell of a time getting out of bed when hubby woke me. But, wake I did, and I called the company and ordered the CPAP. Should be here in 5 business days. Approximately of course, especially since the 1st is Canada day, and holidays slow everything up. Thankfully my wonderful Dad lent us his credit card for the purchase! We just have to give him the money when the insurance comes in.

Now, yesterday I had ordered from an US on-line company (via PayPal). I went them at first because they were (even with shipping) almost $200 less. But AFTER I ordered it, I began to realize something. There would be taxes, fees, and duty when it came across the border! AND that would bring it up to the same price as in Canada, AND all those fees and stuff? NOT covered by insurance! So, I phoned, no one answered, and left a message to cancel the order. Explained that insurance would not cover the extra fees, and I could not afford that, plus insurance was beginning to show doubts about coverage for a machine coming from the Sates instead of Canada.

When I checked a few hours later the order was showing as request to cancel. Never thought to see if I could put a hold on PayPal, or even the back. (Like I’ve mentioned before, I don’t always have a brain.)

Then it was back to bed.

When I woke up, I had a notice from my bank (I get alerts on deposits or withdraws over a certain amount), saying that we were overdrawn by over a $1000!! CRAPTASTIC!

Hubby let me know that a lady from our consolidation loan phoned, so I phoned her back. All she wanted was to let me know next payment would be coming out a few days late due to system changes. I figured while I had her on the phone, I would ask if we had job security insurance. We do, I explained my situation, she asked how long I would be off work. Told her I was already off work blah bah blah … Turns out we will be back paid all the payments from the time I was off work!! A little over $900!!

Now, even taking into account the OD charges, that extra money means we are FINE with me being off work until at least end of August/mid-September. REALLY takes a load off my shoulders. And one less payment until I get back to work. Sure, it means extra payments added to loan, and maybe slightly higher payments when I get back to work, but it gives us relief NOW! Folks? ALWAYS get the protection on loans. This has been the first time in MANY loans, that I have needed it, but it is seriously worth it! And to think! I ALMOST said no to the insurance!! BUT, the lady gave us a deal AND real hit home just how important it was. I know it was a sales pitch, but very grateful now that she did.

So, the one missing star is for the dumb money coming out of the bank.

This is where we are luck to be managers of a mobile home park and deal with rent. We can borrow money (ONLY the amount of which we WOULD have had in the bank if not for the stupid payment going through), and not be so panicked, as we really do need food until my last EI cheque Comes in next week.

Yep, if this is all a dream (because that is usually the only place I get good news), I do not want to wake up. But, seeing as the whole bank thing happened? Pretty sure it’s all real (and my typos that spell check will catch? also proves it’s not a dream. hehe

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