Well isn’t that something

I damned near forgot to make this post. Can I blame the smoke around here? Because seriously, if it’s thick enough to affect healthy peoples lungs, it must be potent enough to affect brains?

So, yeah. I went to the gynecologist again today. Was suppose to be for the 3 needles in the muscle above my ovary. Trigger points? WHICH, I found out today, it the same thing my doctor called needling from when he did it to my shoulder, elbow, and forearm! Huh! Imagine that.

She was a bit late. Again. Which is fine, I’m never overly rushed these days. Unless it involves getting to the toilet! Am I right guys? eh, eh! Tough crowd.

When I got into the room she asked me how I was doing. I ended up spewing ALL my frustrations of the last few months flood out of my mouth! poor doc. I just let fly. Told her how I was nervous that this would make a pain I don’t feel become yet another problem. Ho I was disappointed that I wasn’t being checked for adhesions. How I respect her views that it is NOT adhesions, and understand why, but that everything else was ruled out and I just need something that can be treated.

Guys? It was embarrassing. I even whined about how I have to be back to work by Sept and the money … oh it was nasty. THEN, my fucking allergies – making my eyes gooey and goopy lately, I wiped my eyes and she thought I was crying!! UGH! I corrected her on that FAST.

BUT, it was a good talk. And she agreed to get me in to have a check on what is going on in there! So, I am getting my laparoscopy on the 10th (or 15th if the 10th is booked. Shared OR time with other doctor in office).

As Mom said, if she didn’t think there was even a tiny possibility of adhesions, she would not have scheduled surgery. They wouldn’t let her. BUT, that doesn’t mean she thinks it is, but that she isn’t doing it to just “shut me up”!!

Now, since she is pretty damned sure I do not have them, and this is JUST exploratory to rule it out, I have been told it will not be long, and I will be going home the same day. And only a week recovery.

If it turns out that is right, then I talk to my GP and we STOP looking for reasons and diagnoses, and just start finding a treatment that works. And hope we get one in time to get me to work by Sept!

Our talk took so long she only had time from one needle. She tried to find the worst “trigger spot” that made me jump last time. Couldn’t find it. She ended up pushing pretty freaking hard. At which point I have no clue if the pain she finally found was from the repetitive pushing, or was there. Guys? She was pushing hard. And not really much pain.

So the one she finally found had a needle like feeling to it, and was closer to the belly button. I always laugh when doctors say about the needle “this is going to hurt quite a bit”. Not even sure I felt it? well, past the first little skin break. Anyway, so she moved the needle around, asking me how it felt. She didn’t like my answer of “weird, like moving a water blister”. So she moved it until I jumped a bit, and told her she finally hit the spot. Still hardly hurt.

She waited about a minute? or less. Then pushed hard on the spot, asked me how it felt. I said still there. She said that wasn’t right, and quietly wondered if maybe it wasn’t trigger points.

Now, I didn’t say anything …

But I thought very loudly “I SAID THAT”.

I just hid a tiny smirk, and pretended I did not hear what I don’t think I was supposed to hear.

She didn’t even tell me I could get dressed or anything. She seemed thrown off, confused. Talked about how weird the pain wasn’t gone. I reassured her by saying something about maybe because I don’t usually feel it? She just went on to talk about the surgery and trying to make sure I get in on the 10th.

And that was it.

I don’t think she believed me when I told her last appointment that I do NOT feel pain from there unless someone is pushing on it, and not usually that bad unless my ovary is angry (to which she said it wasn’t above my ovary … I know my body, my ovary has always been off kilter, like me), OR I do feel it sometimes when I have to poop/while pooping, but then it is across the whole pelvic area.

I think she believes me now.

So, yeah.

No, I do NOT want adhesions. But if I do have them, then at least I then have a reason, a fix, and some relief. Even if they do come back, at least it can be fixed, sort of easily.

AND, if there is no adhesions, maybe she can see what is wrong, or if nothing, then we can move on.

One more step forward!!!

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