By George I think we got it!!

Need to warn you, dear reader, this post is going to probably make less sense than usual. I’ve already lost my train of thought 4 times, and restarted this post twice. But I really want to get this out there for those that are waiting to know.

I had my surgery today. My surgery was scheduled for 11:15, I got there at 7:45, about 30 minutes earlier than I was told to, only to find out I should have been told an hour AFTER THAT! SO I was actually an hour and a half early. But was all good. Hubby even stayed up for 30 minutes!! (he hates hospitals more than I hate earwigs!!) And I had my book the amazing Cat gave me. For the most part I snoozed.

At 10:30 they came and got me for the surgery. And I was out about 10:50 – 11 (tried to see clock, but blind without my glasses.

(sorry for the disjointedness of this post. Trying. But it’s going to jump around)

Before they took me in, my surgeon came by for a quick chat. I just handed her my health journal with my questions, so much easier than talking at that point as I kept falling asleep! (anesthesiologist joke he wouldn’t have to give me anything! EEK)

She was still pretty sure it wouldn’t be adhesions, but, yes it would be removed if it was there. NO she would not take tissue samples of the ovaries – because they tend to have really bad blood loss from even a tiny nick, which would be removal. The only things that would mean a second surgery would be bowel resection or cancer. Everything else she’d deal with right then.

SO I get in, and was out in record time!

Again, I did have some issues coming too. But this time was just not breathing. Nothing collapsed, nothing serious. Just need extra oxygen.

If it had been just exploratory, as scheduled, the surgery would have only taken 30 minutes to an hour. I was in for 3 hours!!

They found adhesions. It was on (around) the left ovary, attached to the bowel, and pelvic wall, and showing signs of spreading! They freed it all up, and took my ovary. Still have the right one, so no menopause just yet. 😉 The funny thing is? When I gave her permission to take anything she needed to if it would help me, she insisted she wouldn’t need to take my ovaries. hehehe

Hubby wanted to tell her “So, no adhesions though, right” when she called. Glad he didn’t!

The pathology on the ovary will take about 2 weeks, then we’ll know if it was JUST adhesions or if there’s more.

that sentence too me 15 minutes to type. Fading fast. I’ll try to wrap this up. But, just ask questions if I have mentioned something you want to know!!

about 2 weeks recovery, should know in a few days, when bloating from the air is gone, if this was the problem.

I can say right now, I am achy, and have pains where the majority of the surgery was done, and it is not as bad as even this morning, and that wasn’t bad for me.

But I am annoyed with this desert in my mouth!!


The squeaky wheel got the grease!!! 😀 😀

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