Recovery; day 1

I guess it’d be day 2 if you count the day of surgery? But I’ll count today yesterday, as day 1.

And so far it’s pretty good.

I admit, I hadn’t expected such a quick change in symptoms. I figured I’d have to wait a few weeks for the surgery pain to go away, and then for all the swelling and such to fade. But it amazes me how different things are already! Oh, sure. I’ve needed some of my Percocet for the pain, but it’s surgery pain. It is so different from what I had. Less achy, less constant. What I had before was still there even with pain killers. Just waiting to pounce, waiting for a break in the medication strength. This? This pain, the surgery pain, is fading as time goes on. it is admitting defeat to the pain medication.

I will say, I forgot about the neck aches, and the anesthetic breath/taste from surgery. I wouldn’t say I was surprised, not really. More of a “oh. Damn, right!” The dry mouth though. Holy shit. it’s JUST going away now. I don’t think in all the surgeries I have had, I have ever had dry mouth this bad.

I do have to giggle a bit though. This is now the 3rd surgery in my life I have had some sort of issue. Once as a young kid, to hear Mom tell it, it was with my tonsils. She over heard the nurses talking in the hall way after, she didn’t catch the whole conversation, just that there was trouble. When she asked the doctor about it, he denied anything wrong. Was different times back then.

Then, of course with my hysterectomy I had an airway collapse. I had thought it was as I was coming too at the end of surgery. BUT, the anesthetist I had for this surgery mentioned it being at the beginning? Which means I was out, and came too BECAUSE of the problems. Not that it matters now. I just remember having trouble breathing, and feeling like throwing up because I had a lump in my throat. Had nothing to do with my actual breathing. Shows how things can be remembered so differently in an altered state.

This time it was just me not wanting to breath after they were done. Nothing collapsed, nothing went wrong really. I just didn’t want to breath without help. (hey, I have always admitted to being lazy. 😉 )So of course that meant extra oxygen. Which is in part where this taste/smell/sneezing is coming from. I have ALWAYS hated the smell of that. And add to it the taste of the anesthetic (even the IV stuff has a taste, no clue how, but it does!) … yuck. And of course in usual amounts I have minor reactions (sneezing, taste, stuffiness) so makes sense it’s that much more pronounced after extra dosing.

I still haven’t had a bowel movement yet. And was going to wait until tomorrow to see what happened, before taking any sort of laxative. But I changed my mind. I took the gentlest stuff I have, and am trying to drink even MORE water than I already am. PLUS coffee … It will happen eventually. I hope. Always difficult after surgery, what with the anesthetic and pain pills. Pretty sure in part it’s the thought of pain more than any actual pain, that is clenching things up. Plus I do still have my hemorrhoids.

Another thing, I didn’t expect my sleep to magically go back to normal, I knew I’d have to work on it. But I also assumed it would be pain keeping me awake. And I guess in a way it sort of is? But it is more sneezing and “irritated” nasal passages that are keeping me awake. Yeah, the sneezing causes pain, but it’s the watery eye, and running nose, and the tickle in the nose that is preventing sleep! Go figure!

*side note: My spelling is worse now, than when I was doped up! What? Very grateful to spell check (not that it catches everything).

Well, off to drink more water, and have another go at the toilet. Then, maybe I can sleep?

I have a really good feeling about this. So far things seem good. Who knows how long it will last. Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky ones and the adhesions won’t come back? But even if I am an unlucky one, at least we know now that is what it is. And I’ll know the signs BEFORE it gets too bad. Plus, IF we can catch it fast enough, there are other things we can try BEFORE surgery.

All seems good though. Certainly is a shot in the arm for my mood! If this keeps up, I may have 2 whole months before my S.A.D kicks in!!! 😀 crosses fingers Nice to be (maybe) rid of one reason for depression.

Once again, I want to thank EVERYONE for the support, love, and just listening, even when I didn’t know it. Love you guys! (and no, this isn’t the drugs talking! I am high on pain-free! 😉 )

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