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I am so full of bees!

Honestly. Lately I feel like my brain and my body is just full of bees. Not so much in the stingy painful way (though the pain is crazy out of control), no. More of just the unsettling, static, and inability … Continue reading

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So much pain

I have been on the toilet for almost 2 hours. Little bit here and there. Always feeling like I have to go, but not much happening. Then, about 20 minutes ago, THE worst “labour pains” I have ever had started. … Continue reading

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Time fluctuations

What is it about time? We have clocks, and calendars, and I am sure many other things, and they all mark time. Yet it truly is subjective in the thick of things. At work, it can crawl along and seem … Continue reading

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So many problems, so few options

That title is so misleading! It is truly how it feels wading through a debt minefield though. Usually, with only 2 days off, and the way my health is, I just never feel like trying to deal with any debt, … Continue reading

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Turn around and touch your toes

Yes, I know. That is rude. Whatever dude get over yourself. My blog, go somewhere else if you don’t like it. Everyone else; So that is in regards to how I feel my health/body is treating me lately. I am … Continue reading

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