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No words – AKA: friendship & ugly crying

But, of course we all know I can ramble. And when I am super emotional? I ramble even more. (let that be your warning!) So, lately I have been really in a low point, but different from other low points. … Continue reading

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A specialist, a concern, and a theory

Since sleep and I are not on speaking terns at the moment, I figured I might as well update my blog. Okay, truly, it’s sleep who isn’t talking to me. I’ve tried. Really I have. It took me back for … Continue reading

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Positivity; try, try again?

  I sort of fell off the positivity train awhile ago, and that’s okay. Not that long ago I would have beaten myself up over that, or just over the fact I am depressed, frustrated, and whiny. But, I am … Continue reading

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So, when I was up getting my blood tests the other week, they asked if I wanted to sign up for their site. It would allow me to see my test results, and review the results of x-rays etc. HA! … Continue reading

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Rough day

Got a test from a friend/co-worker who mentioned that the boss I have been in touch with regarding my health has been asking about me. And mentioned I should check in. This brought up a lot of feelings for me. … Continue reading

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