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So much pain

I have been on the toilet for almost 2 hours. Little bit here and there. Always feeling like I have to go, but not much happening. Then, about 20 minutes ago, THE worst “labour pains” I have ever had started. … Continue reading

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Time fluctuations

What is it about time? We have clocks, and calendars, and I am sure many other things, and they all mark time. Yet it truly is subjective in the thick of things. At work, it can crawl along and seem … Continue reading

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Fast update

Yesterday was first day with new meds. No clue if my symptoms yesterday were the meds, or a bug going around (supposedly a few are sick at work. UGH). What I do know, is the nausea is very hard to … Continue reading

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Whine and pain [UPDATE 7]

I will just keep all rants, whines, etc about my health and pain here. Be warned. This WILL have TMI. This will talk about shit, blood, sweat, and more than likely tears. I will assume that it will only cross … Continue reading

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Not here

So much for not posting for a while. 😉 Just have to vent a sec. should have left for work 5 minutes ago, but having a VERY rough start to the day. Felt something “pop” last night (I assume the … Continue reading

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