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Doctor’s appointment

This is really just more for me, but feel free to read on, see just how much of a basket case I am. I need to keep track of just what I need to talk to doc about. Prioritize. So … Continue reading

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What a week

I debated about posting this to Facebook, rather than here, but decided against it. In part because it would take a little bit of extra work to make sure only those I want to see it could, and in part, … Continue reading

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Random thoughts, and health update(s)

Bah, I have to be honest, I have no idea where this post will go. I really need to start making the titles after the post. But whatever, I try to use it as my guideline of where I want … Continue reading

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Work, surgery, and time

I seriously need to work on my titles. I have rare good ones, but majority of them suck. shrugs Ah well, on to the post. So work has been going well, last few shifts I have been having some cramping … Continue reading

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TMI. So much TMI!

Really, I recommend you turn back now. This is about colds, sinuses, and bowel function. It will get sticky and gross! . . . . . . . . Okay, should be enough space to hide the worst from Facebook’s … Continue reading

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