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Pets, health, & misc.

First, a small update on my health. I am more convinced now that I have some small bug and it’s playing havoc with my body, just piling on to my usual health issues. More dizzy than usual, sleeping way more … Continue reading

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Getting old sucks

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now, and probably again in the future. Why? I don’t know, because my memory sucks. Hmm what was I saying? Oh, right. Getting old sucks. They do NOT warn you about it as … Continue reading

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Time fluctuations

What is it about time? We have clocks, and calendars, and I am sure many other things, and they all mark time. Yet it truly is subjective in the thick of things. At work, it can crawl along and seem … Continue reading

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Just call me Wile E

Because if it can go wrong, it will. I’ve always been a clutz. Today was no different. Today things are starting to feel way to heavy. Bills, health, pain, etc etc etc.  

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Fast update

Yesterday was first day with new meds. No clue if my symptoms yesterday were the meds, or a bug going around (supposedly a few are sick at work. UGH). What I do know, is the nausea is very hard to … Continue reading

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