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Update time

My brain can’t keep track of the days. so I’ve given up on that. LOL Having a rough day today. Not pain, not really. Just frustration I think? I almost wish I hadn’t had 2 really good pain-free days right … Continue reading

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Recovery; day 1

I guess it’d be day 2 if you count the day of surgery? But I’ll count today yesterday, as day 1. And so far it’s pretty good. I admit, I hadn’t expected such a quick change in symptoms. I figured … Continue reading

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By George I think we got it!!

Need to warn you, dear reader, this post is going to probably make less sense than usual. I’ve already lost my train of thought 4 times, and restarted this post twice. But I really want to get this out there … Continue reading

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Well isn’t that something

I damned near forgot to make this post. Can I blame the smoke around here? Because seriously, if it’s thick enough to affect healthy peoples lungs, it must be potent enough to affect brains? So, yeah. I went to the … Continue reading

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Doctor’s appointment

I try my best to never get my hopes up. At least not too much. I usually find you get less pain that way. But when it came to this doctor’s appointment, it had been so long since I’d had … Continue reading

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