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I am so full of bees!

Honestly. Lately I feel like my brain and my body is just full of bees. Not so much in the stingy painful way (though the pain is crazy out of control), no. More of just the unsettling, static, and inability … Continue reading

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Pets, health, & misc.

First, a small update on my health. I am more convinced now that I have some small bug and it’s playing havoc with my body, just piling on to my usual health issues. More dizzy than usual, sleeping way more … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned (health edition)

There are a lot of things I’ve learned in my life. But things pertaining to health is probably the things I will retain the most. My mom was nurse, so many things I learned are quite valuable. Like how to … Continue reading

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Getting old sucks

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now, and probably again in the future. Why? I don’t know, because my memory sucks. Hmm what was I saying? Oh, right. Getting old sucks. They do NOT warn you about it as … Continue reading

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Time fluctuations

What is it about time? We have clocks, and calendars, and I am sure many other things, and they all mark time. Yet it truly is subjective in the thick of things. At work, it can crawl along and seem … Continue reading

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